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A Quick Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) Intelligence
A Quick Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) Intelligence
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App Store Optimization (ASO) is the art and science of making apps more visible and appealing in app store search results. The higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential users, leading to more organic downloads. With millions of apps vying for attention, standing out is crucial. A well-optimized app ensures discoverability, reduces user acquisition costs, and provides a competitive edge.

ASO Intelligence helps app marketers and developers gain a competitive edge in a market saturated with similar offerings. These tools provide insights into competitor strategies, allowing for unique positioning and differentiation. For apps with a global vision, ASO plays a crucial role in localization, ensuring content is tailored to resonate with diverse audiences across different regions.

MobileAction ASO Intelligence enables app owners and marketers to grow organically with its unmatched Basic and Advanced tools.

Basic Features of MobileAction ASO Intelligence

Store Management

This feature is where you implement the optimization of your app's metadata. After testing on the platform, you can directly export the new updates to the store, ensuring that your app's information remains current and optimized for the best visibility.

Offers a comprehensive suite for tracking various keyword collections. Users can manually input keywords for tracking or use the provided collections. It's essential to understand which keywords your app ranks for and how it performs over time.

A dedicated feature that allows users to test and refine their app's metadata, including titles, subtitles, and descriptions. With its forecasting capability, it's designed to ensure that apps are optimized for the best possible keyword visibility in the app store.

Provides insights into which organic keywords you and your competitors have in common. It also highlights unique organic keywords, enabling users to understand the nuances of their competitors' ASO strategies.

It showcases your app's rankings alongside your competitors' on an interactive map. Users can analyze how their app performs in different countries and regions, identifying areas of opportunity.

This feature offers keyword suggestions based on different combinations of competitors. It's designed to help users discover new keywords that their competitors rank for, but they don't, providing a competitive edge.

A tool that allows users to spy on competitors’ metadata, organically ranked keywords, paid keywords, and even Apple Search Ads recommended keywords. It's essential for understanding competitor strategies and gaining insights for optimization.

Aids users in uncovering keyword ideas based on seed keywords. It provides long-tail keywords, search suggestions, and related keyword results, ensuring a comprehensive keyword strategy.

An enhanced tool that provides insights into specific keywords. Users can view the chance score, the total number of apps ranking for that keyword, and a list of top-ranking apps. It's essential for understanding the competitive landscape for specific keywords.

This feature offers insights into trending keywords on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Users can discover new keywords or identify the ones that become obsolete, ensuring their ASO strategy remains current.

Translates keywords used in the app metadata like titles, subtitles and descriptions for an international audience. It's designed to help users translate their app store presence for various countries, ensuring global resonance.

Creative Asset Hub

Allows users to analyze and compare app icons and screenshots across competitors and enables browsing all assets filtering by country, category and app platforms. It provides insights into visual trends and competitor strategies, ensuring that apps remain visually appealing and relevant.

Advanced Features of MobileAction ASO Intelligence

This tool provides a comprehensive overview of any app's performance. It showcases how many keywords an app ranks for, the weekly changes in ranking distribution, and historical rankings by keyword. Users can compare two dates by ranking, sort reports by brand keywords or search scores, and filter through various metrics.

A crucial tool for understanding the visibility trends of your apps and competitors. The Visibility Snapshot offers a breakdown of the visibility score of your app per country. Users can compare the day-by-day visibilities of two apps, understand localization performances, and view country-based visibility performances. Additionally, the top visible apps feature allows users to view the most visible apps in each store, providing insights into their visibility scores, category rankings, and overall standings.

This feature offers a list of keywords that your app ranks for and estimates the percentage of downloads you get from these keywords. It's designed to give insights into potential keywords that might drive downloads. The Organic Download History tab showcases keywords that contribute significantly to organic downloads. By checking weekly changes, users can refine their ASO keyword strategies. The tool also aids in managing advertising based on keywords.

A feature that allows users to track their app's update history. It provides a comparative view of each update, highlighting changes. Users can also analyze competitors by viewing their entire update history, offering insights into their update strategies.

This tool provides an overview of which ASO elements of an app, such as title, subtitle, and description, have been localized. It offers insights into how well the app performs in each country it's active in. Localizing your app can directly influence user reviews, and this feature provides insights into effective localization strategies.

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