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Your Essential Guide to ASO Keyword Optimization
Your Essential Guide to ASO Keyword Optimization
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Keyword optimization in App Store Optimization (ASO) is crucial for improving your app's search visibility. Choosing keywords strategically can attract your target audience, increase organic traffic, and ultimately drive more downloads and user engagement.

For effective keyword optimization, consider the following approach recommended by our experts, leveraging the extensive features of MobileAction:

  1. You should start your keyword research from Keyword Tracking.

Here, you can see several different collections of keywords for you to track. You can track any keyword you want and discover insightful metrics like;

  • The search score shows the search traffic of any keyword, with 100 being the maximum. It basically shows the search popularity of a keyword.

  • The relevancy score measures how relevant a keyword is for the selected app.

  • The chance score shows the probability of any app ranking in the top 10 results for a specific keyword.

  • The difficulty score measures how difficult it is for a keyword to be top-ranking.

  • Rankings show the total number of apps that are ranking for each keyword and the selected app’s ranking.

Keyword Tracking

2. When expanding your keyword list, we suggest using Keyword Spy and Keyword Gap for a competitor analysis.

  • Using Keyword Spy, you can see any of your competitors’ keywords for any storefront and never miss one.

  • With Keyword Gap, you can observe your and your competitors’ unique and mutual keywords. This page lets you understand your competitor’s ASO strategy details.

Basically, these tools assist you in comparing your keywords with your competitors and catch any potential keywords you might need to include.

Keyword Gap

3. After completing your competitor analysis, we suggest you head back to the Keyword Tracking page to segment your keyword data effectively. Using filters on primarily talked metrics will shorten your keyword research phase and help you find what you seek.

4. Complete your keyword optimization journey by leveraging the Keyword Suggestion and Keyword Research tools. These tools allow you to scrutinize every keyword you're considering for your next app update, helping you understand algorithmic behavior and how various keyword combinations look against your competitors.

Keyword Research

Keyword Suggestion

In App Store Optimization (ASO), keywords act as the beacon guiding users to your app. By diligently harnessing the power of MobileAction's tools—from tracking to competitor analysis—you equip yourself to make strategic keyword choices. Remember, the right keywords do more than just enhance visibility; they bridge the gap between your app and its potential users, fostering discovery and engagement.

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