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Your Essential Guide to ASO Reporting
Your Essential Guide to ASO Reporting
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Staying updated is key in the dynamic world of App Store Optimization (ASO). Since the market changes every second, you should track your organic performance to stay caught up in the crowded competition.

Reporting provides crucial data for refining strategies, improving visibility, and staying competitive in the app market. In 3 steps, you can utilize the tools of MobileAction to improve your reporting process.

  1. Begin your reporting journey by checking out the ASO Report. This report allows you to measure your app's organic performance over time, whether after an app update, a change in market strategy, or a paid marketing effort. You can see how many keywords an app ranks for, weekly changes in rankings distribution, and historical rankings by keyword in a single dashboard.

ASO Report

2. The next step is Ranking History under Keyword Tracking. You can make comparisons among selected apps and track the changes over time. It allows you to understand the competitors’ strategy for a specific keyword. Additionally, you can find your new potential competitors using the Top Apps.

3. Finally, finish your reporting path with the Visibility Report. This tool allows you to see who dominates which market, who has the highest visibility, and how competition evolves. It's also a persuasive tool that you can utilize to underscore the importance of localization and exploring new markets.

Visibility Report > Visibility Snapshot > Visibility Map

Visibility Report > Visibility Snapshot > Historical Visibility Chart & Category Ranking History

In the ever-shifting landscape of ASO, effective reporting isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. By leveraging tools like the ASO Report, Ranking History, and the Visibility Report from MobileAction, you're staying informed and gaining the upper hand. These insights guide your next moves, helping you adapt and thrive amidst the competition. Remember, in the world of apps, knowledge is power. And with the right reporting tools at your fingertips, you're poised for success, ready to navigate market changes and set your app apart.

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