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Get the overall ASO keyword health of an app.

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This is the easiest way to see how many keywords an app ranks for, weekly changes in ranking distribution and historical rankings by keyword. Here, you can get an overview of the performance of any app and its keywords. Within the keywords your selected app ranks for, you can see how many of them have a ranking of 1, 2-3, and so on for the selected country and dates. This tool allows you to keep track of top keywords out of the hundreds an app ranks for daily.

You can select and compare two dates by ranking on the right-hand side and click on any tier to see the mass movement of keywords - we update the table below so that you can filter your search even further.

You can also choose to sort by report by brand keywords or report by search scores. If you choose to sort by search score, you are seeing the keywords that might have a high search score overall but have no use for the ranking of your app. This will help tidy up your keyword list accordingly.

  • You will now be able to filter through; search score tiers, brand and generic keywords and, ranking tiers in a single view.

  • Compare two different dates and review the change in rankings, search score, and brand keywords from the table,

  • Review the change in the charts over time. Click on any range to narrow down the search results in the table below.

The new version of the ASO Report would enable you;

  • to review an app’s rankings,

  • see the keyword movements,

  • track a keyword and,

  • specify the search

according to several metrics in an easier way than it was before.

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