This is the easiest way to see how many keywords an app ranks for, weekly changes in rankings distribution and historical rankings by keyword.

Here, you can review with how many of the keywords your app ranks for in each tier. You can also create custom alerts here to track the rank changes immediately (the keyword you track here will be added to your list in Keyword Tracking feature) and track your competitors' keywords to see if that works for you as well. The Keyword Distribution Summary below shows a brief historical chart of your app's ranking for that keyword, its chance score and search score, the total number of apps that rank for that keyword and the maximum and minimum rankings that keyword has got.

Here, with the Keyword Rankings feature, you can compare the ranking movement of your app between two dates, track any keyword that has moved up and filter results based on search score and ranking.

The final feature of the ASO Report here is Keyword Movement where you can see the detailed activity of each keyword ranking for an app, their top progression and worst regression. This feature gives you a quick report on the keywords for which the given app has had an unusual ranking movement.

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