This page provides you the list of keywords that your app is ranking for and the percentage download you get from these keywords. The results we provide are estimations and are calculated based on your current ranking for the keyword and its search score.

You can use it together with ASO tools in order to find the best keywords that would boost your download, follow your competitors' keywords and see how their download numbers are affected by the keywords they use. Basically, if your app ranks in a high order for a popular keyword, there's a high potential that you'll drive organic downloads from that keyword.

The main idea of the tool is giving you a clue about the potential keywords that might get downloads. The accuracy depends on different factors. If your app is ranking for a competitor brand name, that is also considered as a potential keyword to drive downloads. If we have all of the relevant keywords for an app on our keyword database, then we'll be able to show you very accurate results.

Additionally, we aim to help you easily manage your advertising based on keywords.

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