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We provide several different collections of keywords here for you to track, however, you can also choose to search for your own keywords and build your own list.

The Add Keywords module is the first feature you come across with on the bar below your app's name. Here, you can use the search box to add your keywords manually and begin tracking. If you want to add them as a bulk, put commas between keywords.

Competitor's Keywords shows you your competitor's keywords so that you can see the list of keywords that each of your competitors are ranking for and find new keyword ideas, then track their rankings.

Category Keywords provides the popular keywords within each available category so that you can track keywords from your app's category in a more broad sense.

Keywords by Description tab shows you your app's description's keyword density. Basically, it counts how many times each keyword was used in the description.

Keywords by Download gets you the estimated percentage of downloads that each keyword is contributing to the total organic downloads of your app.

Keyword Research helps you uncover keyword ideas based on the seed keywords that you type into the search box. We provide long-tail keywords, search suggestions and related keyword results. You can type in a keyword and observe its movement over time in terms of popularity.

Ranked Keywords shows you your ranked and paid keywords, allowing you to track them easily.

Once you have checked out all the tabs here and tracked the keywords of your choice, you'll be moving forward with a deeper analysis on your list.

This is the list of keywords you are currently tracking. You can use the ASO Report, Keyword Suggestion, or the tabs above this module to find the keywords to track and each keyword you track will be added to your list here under Tracked Keywords. You can group your keywords, color them to easily identify, take notes, view their live rankings, see the apps that are running ads on keywords and even create a custom alert for that keyword. If you click the arrow on the left-hand side of the keyword you have tracked, you can view the Keyword History and the top apps ranking for that keyword.

From the list of keywords you have tracked, you can quickly review each keyword's search score, chance score, difficulty score, ranking and the number of total apps that rank for that keyword.

With the Competitor Analysis feature, you can compare your keyword with your competitors' with historical data in a table. You should be tracking at least one competitor to see the table. Here, you can review whether there are any apps that are running ads on the keyword you track, your and your competitors' rankings and filter starred keywords only (starring keywords will enable another feature in the Ranking History module).

Here, with the Ranking History module, you can analyze the keyword ranking history for all of your tracked keywords, add multiple keywords from your app to one graph and track the changes in the rankings.


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