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Easiest way to understand the visibility of your app within the stores.

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With this report you can check the trends of your apps and its competitors visibilities over time and localization performance as we provide visibility scores tailored to each country scaled between 0 - 100.

The first feature you see when you click the Visibility Report is the Visibility Snapshot. Here, you can review a breakdown of the visibility score of your app per country displayed on a world map. Colors represent the visibility score strength of your app on each country. If multiple apps are selected the app with the highest score gives its color on the country.

Right below the map, there is a graph that shows the visibility score trends of your app for the selected country and date range. Here, you can narrow down your search to country level and define a timeframe to compare two apps' day-by-day visibilities.

The next feature here (second tab) breaks down the localization performances of your app and your selected competitor apps into visibility score tiers. For each visibility score tier, you can see the total number of countries that an app’s is visible in between the range. With this graph, you can check your localization performance and compare it with your competitors’ performances.

With the localization performance table, you can quickly compare your app’s localization performance according to your competitors’ performances for each tier - a simpler version of the graph above.

Country based visibility performances table shows your app’s and its competitors visibility scores for each country. You can quickly identify the “winner” app for every country and filter countries based on the visibility scores.

The last tab in Visibility Report feature, the top visible apps, you can view the most visible apps in each store, their visibility scores, the category they are in, their category ranking and overall ranking and filter them for a specific date in a selected country.

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