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What is Visibility Score?
What is Visibility Score?

Visibility Score is a proxy that keeps track of your app’s impressions.

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How do we calculate it?

Visibility Score is based on Search Volumes and Keyword Rankings. Apple and Google do not disclose the exact traffic numbers on keywords so we use this KPI to track how ASO activities affect the an app's visibility.

For iOS apps we directly use Apple’s Popularity Score wherever we can since we have already discovered that there is a direct correlation between impressions and keyword popularities. (Apple only provides these scores for Apple Search Ads countries.) For the rest of the countries, we use our own algorithm to estimate search volumes.

For Google Play Store apps we use our own algorithm to estimate search volumes.

What is the methodology?

We get the top ranking keywords for every app in both stores. Then we calculate each app's potential impression share on each of these keywords and scale them according to their search volume. This is a country specific score between 0-100, meaning that the most visible app in a selected country is given the score 100. Other apps are scaled accordingly with an exponential scaling method.

How often is the data updated?

We update visibility score estimations daily.

What is the data coverage?

We cover both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

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