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See which keywords your competitors are bidding on and how you measure up to that.

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Here in the first tab, in Search by App, we provide a complete list of keywords an app is bidding on. You can search for an app, see its Search Ads keywords with impression shares, observe the total number of the paid keywords the app has and the countries it is active in. Additionally, we provide the current ranking of an app's current ranking for that keyword, its popularity score, and a side-by-side comparison of its Search Ads visibility score and overall visibility score.

You can click on 'see more' and go to the Search by Keyword tab right next to this feature.

The next feature, Search by Keyword, provides a full list of apps that are running Search Ads on a specific keyword. You can also see the impression share, the organic ranking of the app for that keyword, its Search Ads visibility score and that app's total paid keywords. You can filter your search results down by a country, a specific value of impression share and popularity. The banner above the feature shows the keyword's search popularity, chance score, the total number of apps using that keyword and the apps that are running ads on it.

You can also track any keyword your competitor is bidding on with the '+ Track' button on the right-hand side and that keyword will automatically be added to your custom list under Keyword Tracking feature.

You can return to the Search by App tab and review an app in a more detailed way by clicking on any app you would like to see.

With the last feature here, Search Ads Top Advertisers, we provide a list of apps that have the highest Search Ads visibility scores. You can also filter down your search by a country and observe the top apps' categories, category and overall rankings. Upon clicking an app, you will be directed to the Search by App feature under Search Ads Intelligence.

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