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Ads Manager is the heart of Apple Search Ads where you can monitor your metrics, find detailed insights and take rapid actions on your campaign management but if you need a faster way to track your metrics in a leaner dashboard, Ads Manager Lite is the perfect fit for you!

Ads Manager Lite is designed to provide a lightweight and faster experience of Ads Manager.

Ads Manager Lite is an app-based dashboard where you can easily monitor your fundamental metrics such as Spend, Impressions, Taps, Installs, TTR, CR, Average CPA and Average CPT for campaign, ad group and keyword levels. You can also see the change in Impression, Tap, Install from the Trend Chart for any date range. Downloading the metric table as CSV for any level you wish is also available.

If you want to display detailed information and take actions, you can always switch to Ads Manager. Feel free to book a demo if you need access to Ads Manager in which you can proactively know the campaigns bringing revenue, optimize your budget, and get keyword performance alerts to immediately prevent wasting budget.

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