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Simplify and Succeed: Introducing Quick Automations
Simplify and Succeed: Introducing Quick Automations
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As, our primary goal is to simplify your campaign setting and optimization process. With Quick Automations, you can boost your campaign performance with just a few clicks. This guide will walk you through the features and benefits of Quick Automations and how to use them effectively.

Why Use Quick Automations?

By using Quick Automations on, you're taking a step towards efficiency. This feature minimizes manual work, leading to both time and cost savings. Especially for newcomers, the platform is intuitive and straightforward, ensuring a smooth start. And the best part? You can see the positive impact of your efforts in the Overview section 7 days after activating the process and compare results.

Getting Started

  • Navigate to the Campaigns tab.

  • Select the campaigns where you want to implement Quick Automations. (Note: Only campaigns with the placement “Search results” are eligible.)

  • Ensure you've identified the campaign type (Discovery, Generic, or Competitor). Remember, Brand campaigns are excluded.

How Quick Automations Work

For Generic or Competitor campaign types, Quick Automations will:

  • Identify current Keywords with the potential for greater volume.

  • Identify Campaigns that are ready for scaling and increase their bid and budget.

  • Pinpoint current Keywords that can be cost-optimized as they lose relevance.

  • Identify new Keywords with increasing volume installs and generating demand.

For Discovery campaign types, Quick Automations will:

  • Add high-performing Keywords to Ad Groups.

  • Exclude low-performing Keywords.

Performance Metrics

Seven days post-activation, you'll see the metrics Total Savings Taps, Total Savings Installs, Installs, Conversion Rate, TTR, Average CPT, and Average CPA at the top of your page. Compare your results week-on-week to understand the impact of Quick Automations.

Keep in Mind:

  • Quick Automations is designed to lift up campaign performance in the shortest timeframe possible and will become passive after 6 weeks.

  • Quick Automations should only be used for campaigns without active Automations (except slack/email notifications) or Smart-bidding.

Quick Automations is a powerful tool designed to make your campaign optimization process seamless and efficient. Dive in and experience the benefits today!

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