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Product Overview’s One-of-a-Kind Feature to Maximize Your ROI: Budget Allocation’s One-of-a-Kind Feature to Maximize Your ROI: Budget Allocation
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Effective budget management is one of the most important steps of the Apple Search Ads campaigns. It ensures that resources are allocated efficiently to high-performing keywords and campaigns, maximizing your ROI. By monitoring spending and adjusting budgets based on performance metrics, advertisers can maintain cost-effectiveness and optimize results. Careful budget management also allows for flexibility and adaptation to market changes, ultimately enhancing the overall success of Apple Search Ad campaigns.

At, we understand the importance of budget management. That is why we developed Budget Allocation for you, where you can spend your budget wisely on your highest-potential campaigns and storefronts to increase your returns. You can simply allocate your budget according to performance metrics with data-driven algorithms to achieve the best possible return without overspending.

You just need four simple steps:

  1. Select any of your campaigns that you want to work on for better optimization and better results

  2. Enter your daily budget.

  3. Let Budget Allocation distribute your budget according to your metrics to get the best possible outcome.

  4. Implement it with a single click, and see the results right away.

Budget Allocation graph view.

Budget Allocation saves you time by automating your budget. Instead of manual adjustments, you can spend more time strategizing and optimizing your campaign structure while the tool handles time-consuming tasks in seconds.

You can also track essential metrics such as the Overall Daily Budget, Last Day's Spend, Last Day's Installs, and Last Day's Average CPA on the dashboard and get real-time insights into your campaigns' performance using the graphic view. By getting these insights into your campaign performance, you can observe performance and include your findings while building your strategy.

Budget Allocation main metrics.

So, in a nutshell, with the exceptional Budget Allocation feature, you can easily spend your budget wisely on your highest-potential campaigns to increase your returns.

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