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Grader lets you measure your apps performance and discover any defects or inefficiencies that are wasting your time and budget. With its renewed and improved algorithm, Grader is now ready for you to try out in ASA strategies change day by day and this renovated version of Grader is aimed to give more accurate grades since the algorithm is improved according to the latest ASA strategies. You can now access Grader and evaluate your apps performance from here and you can access your old Grader report from here. Also, you can have your Grader report for as many apps as you wish.

The report not only gives your app's performance score but also provides insights about your overall campaign management such as your conversion rate, expected inefficient budget for the next 12 months, visibility score and your brand keywords impression share.

You can monitor your performance metrics for both your app and your apps category.

You can also have more detailed metrics such as the storefronts your competitors are running campaign at, or the number of install bringer keywords in Size of Account section to have deeper analysis.

Your apps performance is measured under these 6 titles:

Underutilized Campaigns: Checking whether you get the best out of your active campaigns by controlling core campaign metrics.

Search Ads Visibility Score: This title checks your most spending storefronts visibility score.

Tap Through Rate: This title checks the number of underperforming ad groups with low TTR.

Conversion Rate: This title checks the number of underperforming ad groups with low CR.

Duplicate Keywords: Adding same keywords to different campaigns with the same targeting is one of the most common mistakes ASA campaign management, so this title evaluates the number of duplicate keywords running in your active campaigns. Keep in mind, the more duplicate keywords you have, the lower your Grader score gets.

Apple Search Ads Best Practices: Apple suggests a few best practices while managing your campaign and these practices are proven to give the best results for ASA management. Part of the Grader algorithm evaluates your apps performance based on these best practices which are:

Negative Keyword Adding: Ideally you should be adding every keyword you used in a campaign as a negative keyword to Search Tab campaign.

Running brand keyword campaign: You should at least be running one brand campaign with your brand keyword in it.

Exact and broad keyword isolation: You should isolate different match types within same campaign

You can get detailed insights about your apps performance in each of these titles and also get a set of recommended actions if your app is performing poorly on that specific title.

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