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Scale Up with Predictability using Campaign Forecasting
Scale Up with Predictability using Campaign Forecasting
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The world of mobile apps is highly competitive, and as one of the commonly used mobile app advertising platforms, Apple Search Ads is no different. Every metric plays a crucial role in your performance, and achieving the best results within your budget is essential. Effective campaign management and identifying storefronts that have the potential to grow require attention to each metric, from Installs to Taps and Impressions. This article will guide you on how to utilize Campaign Forecasting and eliminate risk when adjusting your daily budget.

So how does it work? Basically, its data-driven algorithm predicts potential outcomes of changes in budget and eliminates guesswork. You can select your campaign, type down your potential budget, and’s algorithm presents potential scenarios, guiding you toward a cost-effective strategy. With Campaign Forecasting, you can visualize changes and implement them with a click in a speed-second and save money and time by avoiding the process of budget testing.

Campaign Forecasting estimation screen.

Why Use Campaign Forecasting?

By leveraging Campaign Forecasting, you can explore various budget options to maximize the potential of your Daily Budget. It enables you to identify storefronts poised for rapid growth and uncover scalable opportunities across your campaigns and intent groups. Moreover, with Campaign Forecasting, you gain a strategic edge in optimizing your resources and never miss out on scaling opportunities.

How to use Campaign Forecasting?

  1. Select the campaign you want to work on.

  2. Enter the Daily Budget that you want to try and see the possible outcomes.

  3. Choose any storefront you are active at or new ones for new growth opportunities.

  4. Click on the Estimate button.

  5. Let Campaign Forecasting calculate the Impressions, Taps, and Installs when you implement that Daily Budget.

  6. Find the best budget frame for increasing campaign performance.

  7. Implement the budget you want by simply clicking on the Update my current daily budget button.

Performance Metrics

Since it is a comparison tool, you'll be able to access many performance metrics and compare them between your current data and forecasted values. You can view both current and estimated figures for Daily Budget, Impressions, Taps, and Installs. There are change percentage data and bars to show the difference between each value. This empowers you to make detailed comparisons between your past performance metrics and the projected outcomes.

Keep In Mind

  • Campaign Forecast will be suggested for only Search Result campaigns.

  • If a campaign does not have at least 15 days of data, it will not be visible for selection.

  • You can update your current campaign daily budget from the forecast section by clicking the “Update my current daily budget” button, if you don’t the new budget won’t apply to your campaign.

  • The storefront selector near campaign metadata selector is available for multi-storefront campaigns and will not be shown for single storefront campaigns.

So start using Campaign Forecasting to predict, implement, and boost your campaign performance with data-driven actionable recommendations. Watch as your Apple Search Ads performance consistently rises to new heights!

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