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Quick Campaign Setup
Quick Campaign Setup
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Quick Campaign Setup structures your Apple Search Ads campaigns for you in just 3 clicks! Even if you are a first time campaign starter or an experienced ASA advertiser, all you need to do is to decide on your budget and Quick Campaign Setup will find keywords that best suits your campaigns, allocate your budget through these campaigns and start to run.

To start, input your app, the storefront you want to run an ad for, your daily budget and your brand keyword.

An AI-based keyword algorithm will then find the most relevant keywords for your campaigns and display them as a list in which you can choose keywords you want to run an ad for. Don't miss that Quick Campaign Setup will ideally find keywords for your Brand, Competitor and Generic campaigns but it is not guaranteed to cover all campaign types.

After deciding on which keywords you will run an ad for, your budget will be allocated through these campaigns. Your keywords will also be assigned a Max CPT Bid which is based on your categories benchmarks and you can also edit this value according to your strategy.

You can also edit your ad group settings in which you can customize your target audience by clicking on the campaign name.

After ensuring your campaigns inputs from the Overview page, your campaigns are all set up and you’ll be directed to Ads Manager where you can track metrics of your campaign.

Remember, you can only generate your campaigns for one storefront at once. Also, keep in mind that both quality and the quantity of your added competitors affects your results from Quick Campaign Setup.

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