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Bidding the right amount for the right keyword is essential for profitable ASA campaigns. But how can you track and optimize thousands of keywords simultaneously?

Now with Smart Bidding, you can automate all your bids based on your campaign goals and save tens of hours of manual work. Best of all, you can maximize your return and eliminate wasted ad spend.

How does it work?

All you have to do is to select your goal, the campaign and enter the target CPA. Our algorithm evaluates your campaign performance and changes bids with your campaign goals in mind.

To give more details, you have 3 different goal options according to how you want to shape your campaign structure:

  1. Scale Up Traffic: Your primary goal is to increase the traffic and draw attention to your app. You can have your target CPA above average CPA with a limit of max 20% more than the average CPA for the sake of getting more traffic and increasing visibility.

  2. Scale Up Traffic & Optimize CPA: You may want to increase your traffic but you don’t want any increment on your CPA so your CPA will maintain whereas you ROAS will go up. Your target CPA has to be equal to your average CPA since you’ll be maintaining your CPA with this goal.

  3. Optimize CPA: You may be thinking your CPA is way too high so you want to optimize your CPA. Your traffic will maintain whereas your CPA will go down. You can set your target CPA to be up to 20% lower than your average CPA.

Once you choose the right goal for your campaign and start your smart bidding journey, our AI will analyze every bid change as well as the changes in CPT and impression to identify patterns. . As the model keeps running and learning, it will optimize your bids for keywords that are performing.

Few tips for getting the most out of Smart Bidding:

-You can only have one active goal running for your campaign.

-Once you’ve initiated your smart bidding model, you can track your CPA from the graph under Goal Selection menu.

-You can run goals for as many campaigns as you wish.

-You can stop and enable a goal at any time you want. Remember you need to enter target CPA every time you restart a goal.

-The goal name and status will be displayed for all past and current campaigns, and you can check your change history.

-You can only start a goal for campaigns with an average CPA.

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