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What is Impression Score?
What is Impression Score?

Impression Score is a metric that shows how often an ad creative has been viewed - the higher the score is the more an app is viewed.

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Why is this metric useful?

This metric allows you to see the ad creatives in a given category that are receiving the highest impressions. We want to save your time, effort and money by bypassing your need for carrying out A/B tests and figuring out for yourself what sort of ad creatives you should be running.

How do we calculate it/what's the methodology?

We check out a significantly large number of apps and identify the ad creatives. Then we give them an impression score based on how often they are seen.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated daily.

What is the data coverage?

We cover both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for all countries available on our dashboard.

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