In-App Events
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Apple’s new feature in-app events allows you to reach new users, protect your customer base or even reconnect with the previous ones. So it is fundamental to organize the right & trending events to target all of those various user profiles. In that respect, you should be aware of the category trends and spy on your competitors.

The In-App Events Page has two tabs which are Category Events & App Events.

The Category Events tab enables you to see all of the Available, Live, Upcoming & Ended in-app events of all the apps in a selected country. You can apply category filtering to specify the event cards based on your category.

​Also, you can see further details about the event cards such as start/end date, title, type, and description.

For the App Events tab, you can filter the page by selecting specific apps. You can select your competitors and focus on their in-app events roadmap.

Overall, this page allows you to see all in-app events in one place and discover your competitors’ strategies.

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