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Apple's In-app events are timely events are timely occurrences within mobile apps that can include a wide range of activities, such as competitions, movie premieres, challenges, and more. The In-App Events feature aims to enhance app visibility and user engagement by showcasing these events on the App Store.

In-App Events can be discovered by users on various sections of the App Store, including the product page, search results, and editorially curated sections. This strategic placement ensures that your events reach a wider audience, whether they are your existing users or potential new ones.

Discover and Analyze In-App Events with MobileAction

With MobileAction, you can explore the In-App Events of any app. This valuable resource allows you to not only track your own app's events but also review events launched by other apps. You'll have access to crucial details such as event name, visuals, description, status, badge, start, and end date, enabling you to conduct in-depth competitor research and optimize your own event strategies.

In-App Events Page has two tabs: Category Events & App Events.

The Category Events tab enables you to see all of the Available, Live, Upcoming & Ended in-app events of all the apps in a selected country. You can apply category filtering to specify the event cards based on your category.

​Also, you can see further details about the event cards such as start/end date, title, type, and description.

For the App Events tab, you can filter the page by selecting specific apps. You can select your competitors and focus on their in-app events roadmap.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Leverage the power of In-App Events page on MobileAction to gain a competitive edge. Analyze your competitors' event strategies, learn from their successes, and optimize your approach to engage users and stand out in the dynamic app market.

In conclusion, In-App Events offer a compelling way to create engaging experiences within your app, reach a broader audience, and increase visibility. Harness this powerful feature to connect with users, grow your user base, and achieve success in the competitive app ecosystem.

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