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Promotional Content (formerly LiveOps) Page offers a comprehensive tool to gain valuable insights into the promotional activities of top apps. By analyzing the self-serve merchandising units featured on Google Play, you can uncover the strategies employed by successful apps and optimize your own promotional efforts for greater impact.

Promotional Content refers to the dynamic self-serve merchandising units displayed on Google Play. These units serve as showcases for fresh and timely content, including special offers, limited-time events, new content releases, and major updates. By utilizing these promotions, apps can engage with users beyond their app ecosystem, drive app reinstalls, and attract users with enticing discounts and exclusive deals.

Discover and Analyze Promotional Content with MobileAction

With our Promotional Content Page, you gain access to an array of competitor insights. Discover the in-app content your competitors are highlighting, the major updates they are rolling out, and the compelling limited-time events they are organizing. This valuable information allows you to conduct in-depth competitor research and identify effective strategies that resonate with their audience.

Category Events

This page is your gateway to discovering a wide range of in-app events, including those that are Available, Live, Upcoming, and Ended, for all apps in your selected country.

Refine your analysis by applying category filters to the in-app events. By focusing on specific categories, you can uncover relevant trends and promotional tactics, tailored to your app's niche.

Access crucial details about each in-app event, such as start and end dates, event titles, types, and comprehensive event descriptions. This detailed information empowers you to evaluate the performance and significance of different events.

App Events

App Events Page, a powerful resource that allows you to delve into the in-app events of specific apps, including your competitors. This page is designed to offer you comprehensive insights into the promotional strategies and event roadmaps of individual apps.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

The app market is ever-evolving, making it essential to stay ahead of the competition. Analyzing the Promotional Content of your competitors enables you to identify emerging trends, industry shifts, and successful promotional tactics driving user engagement.

Stay informed, adapt your approach, and position your app for sustained success in the fiercely competitive app landscape.

With valuable competitor insights at your fingertips, you have the tools you need to excel in the dynamic app ecosystem.

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