In-App Events
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Apple launched a new feature in App Store Connect named In-App Events. They are timely events within the mobile apps like competitions, movie premieres, challenges, etc.

In-App Events appear on the product page, search results, and editorially curated sections, allowing them to be discovered on the App Store. Event cards metadata includes the event name, the event badge, short and long descriptions, detailed media, and event status. As this feature allows demographic targeting, it can be used for both increasing your visibility on the App Store and engaging with your existing user base.

On MobileAction, you can find the events of any app under the app profile for the last one month historically. As you can track your app's events, you can also review other apps' launched events. We provide all information about these events such as; Event Name, Visuals, Description, Status, Badge, Start, and End Date.

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