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You can learn more about your Application's Similar Apps in different countries and dates from this page. ​​Every app has a ‘Similar Apps’(‘You may also’ like for Apple App Store) section at the bottom of App’s Product Page.

1- Similar Apps:

This page allows you to ​find out the applications listed under your App’s Product Page. Using our Similar Apps page, you can learn more about which apps Apple and Google are listed on your App’s Product Page.

2- Listed as a similar app:

This page allows you to find out applications where your Selected app is listed as ‘Similar Apps’ (‘You may also like’ section for Apple App Store). You can understand the visibility of your app and understand which applications are directing other users to your app.

Overall, Similar Apps page enables you to find and track your relevant competitors from one page. To learn more, check out the App Intelligence Similar Apps page on the MobileAction platform.

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