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Replying to Reviews directly from Mobile Action

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Under the Reviews page, users are now able to Reply to Reviews that they receive from Google Play and Apple App Store by connecting their Store Accounts.

Why you should Reply to Store Reviews?

Replying to customer reviews helps Applications communicate with their users. Before downloading an application, most users read the reviews first and see if other users liked the experience.

By answering questions, applications can increase Customer Satisfaction, show that they care about their User's feedback, and most importantly, see what your customers are experiencing with your product.

Getting feedback from users and following your reviews closely helps you increase your store rankings, further increasing your App Store Optimization efforts.

Steps to Start Replying to Reviews from Mobile Action

For iOS Applications

  1. To integrate your app, click on Integrate now from the Reviews Page

  1. Access Token

    1. After starting the integration funnel, you should enter your new or existing App Store Connect access token at this first step. Then if the access token is valid, you could click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the second step. (Find out our ‘How to get Access Token from App Store Connect’ document.)

  2. Select Account

    1. At this ‘Account Selecting’ step you could choose one or more apps which linked your account.

  3. Invite MobileAction

    1. To finish the App Store Connect integration process, you should invite the MobileAction ID which is shown in that step to the selected account. (Do not forget to invite for every selected account in the previous step individually. Check our ‘How to invite MobileAction to your App Store Connect Account?’ document )

    2. Please be sure MobileAction ID is invited, then approve the checkbox to complete the integration.

    3. Don’t forget to give Reply to Reviews access to the invited account

    4. After you invite the MobileAction ID, we will check the invitation and approve. During this process, you will see the status as ‘Pending’.

Important Notes:

If your existing account is expired, to update the integration, you should remove the previous account from the Dashboard.

If a user with one of these 'Account Holder or Admin' roles removes MobileAction account on App Store Connect, all integration will be removed from all other users.

After the integration process is completed, Access Token is not needed to be integrated again even if it is expired.

Invited accounts could be found on the ‘Users and Access page’ of App Store Connect. So you could check if that MobileAction Account ID is the same with the one on the pop-up.

For Android Applications

  1. To integrate your app, click on Integrate now from the Reviews Page

  2. First please open the Play Store Console from here:

    If you are not logged in to your developer account you will be redirected to the login page. After logging in you will be redirected back to the Users and Permissions page.

  3. If you have multiple developer accounts and see the screen below please select the account you want to integrate. If you have a single developer account you will be redirected to the Users and Permissions page directly.

  4. Enter our service email address for the invitation: [email protected]

  5. Select the permissions for at least:

    1. Reply to Reviews

You can give these permissions either for all apps from the Account permissions tab or per app bases under the App permissions tab. You can click Invite User to finish the invitation step and click here to go to the next step.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have access to the admin email you must give Admin (all permissions) for us to verify your ownership of the account. We send an email to the admin email for verification.

The second step is for verifying that you are authorized by the account owner. First please go to the Contact Details Page and as shown below and copy the owner's email address.

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