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Navigate App Growth with Compass
Navigate App Growth with Compass
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Tackling the user acquisition funnel can be overwhelming, with countless KPIs, apps, and markets to analyze. With Compass, you can cut through the noise of data overload, pinpoint the root causes of changes, and illuminate the path to sustainable app growth.

What is Compass?

ASO and UA experts often find themselves lost in multiple KPIs, apps, activities, and countries, struggling to pinpoint the root causes of changes among hundreds of data points and seeking to follow the successful strategies of competitors.

Compass is a comprehensive analytics and competitive insight tool with three features: Explore, Trace, and Impact.

Explore's competitive benchmarking and market analysis features, Trace's multi-dimensional user acquisition analytics, and Impact’s before and after UA performance analysis lets ASO and UA professionals overcome the barriers of manual KPI tracking and competitive analysis and helps them understand the effect of pre-and post UA activities. It illuminates the scene for optimized app user acquisition performance, informed competitive positioning, and winning strategy formulation in the ever-evolving app market landscape.

Let’s take a closer look at each feature of Compass.


In a crowded app landscape, staying competitive can be challenging. There are numerous data points you'll want to explore to understand your competitors' strategies. That's why we've created Explore to help you navigate these complexities and effortlessly make informed decisions. This feature offers a comprehensive solution to simplify competitor analysis and gain data-driven insights about your market.

Explore Category Ranking Competitor Analysis

  • Category Rankings: This section allows you to assess your app and up to four competitors simultaneously. It provides insights into your app's category rankings, overall rankings, and store visibility scores. Additionally, you can visualize changes in category rankings over the past 30 days, focusing on paid, gross, or overall rankings.

  • Review & Ratings: With this section, you can view your app's and your competitors' average ratings and the number of reviews received in the last 7 days.

  • App Update Timeline: This section helps you track when you and your competitors updated your app metadata within the last 30 days.

  • Creative Explorer: Here, you can examine your competitors' most recent app icons and gain valuable insights through color analysis, as well as assess screenshots, preview videos, and in-app events, which can be invaluable for marketers and creative teams making decisions.

  • Search Ads Intelligence: This section offers a detailed understanding of your competitors' Apple Search Ads strategy, including insights into keywords with the highest search volume that result in impressions for your app over the past 7 days. You can also check whether your competitors run custom product pages and access country-specific impression details.

  • Brand Protection: Monitor your competitors' rankings on keywords with the highest search volume related to your brand. Keep track of keyword ranking changes over the last 30 days.

  • App Visibility: Assess trends in app visibility for your apps and your competitors over the past 30 days. This part also allows you to evaluate localization performance and provides a snapshot of app visibility on the previous day.

  • Market Intelligence: Compare download and revenue numbers of your competitors over the past 14 days using a concise chart, which offers valuable insights into their performance and growth.

  • Ad Intelligence: This section enables you to compare your competitors' creatives with the highest impression share that Ad Intel could capture and provides an ad intelligence snapshot of your competitors.

  • Metadata: Gain insights into the character analysis of app metadata and keyword density in your competitors' descriptions. If one of the apps is integrated, character analysis will also be available for App Store Connect Keywords.

  • App Details: Compare crucial App Details of your competitors in a concise chart for easy reference.


This feature is crafted to revolutionize your app performance analysis, offering extensive insights into an app's performance from all perspectives. With Trace, you can find more about the intricacies of user acquisition, be it through organic growth or paid strategies, in a fiercely competitive environment. It streamlines your workflow by immediately identifying key developments and actions that have impacted your app's growth. This feature streamlines the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on what truly counts: strategic decision-making.

Trace App KPI Analysis by MobileAction

With Trace, you have the ability to make comparisons in three distinct ways;

  • Firstly, you can assess multiple KPIs by choosing from various KPIs listed, including Category Ranking, Organic Visibility, Downloads, Revenue, SearchAds Visibility, Ad Visibility, Sales Metrics, and MMP Metrics.

  • Secondly, you can conduct a KPI Analysis for competitors by selecting different apps and a specific KPI to unveil their performance in that particular KPI metric.

  • Lastly, you can perform a KPI Analysis for countries by selecting a KPI metric and different storefronts in which an app operates, allowing you to compare KPI performance across various countries all on a single screen.

You can see the results of your analysis on a graph view or a table, depending on how you’d like to view them. When you scroll down on the page, you’ll see the Activities chart, which will show you when each of the activities are taking place and what changes were made for each activity for each country.


Impact provides a full perspective on the outcomes of your UA campaigns, offering a practical and straightforward understanding of the changes that occurred “before” and “after.” It shifts your UA efforts from predictions to a knowledge-based strategy, empowering you to enhance your app's performance and get tangible results.

Impact Custom Product Pages Analysis by MobileAction

Impact displays the post-campaign results of various initiatives you can set in action for your app. These include App Updates, alterations in Featured Apps on your product page, In-App Events, Promotional Content, A/B tests you've conducted, PPOs, changes in Similar Apps featured on your product page, the utilization of Custom Product Pages, Apple Search Ads campaigns, insights from Ad Intelligence tools, and Revenue generated.

In Conclusion…

Compass resolves the main painpoints of app growth marketers, such as;

  • Time-intensive manual tracking of KPIs across multiple countries.

  • Challenges in spotting the root causes of performance fluctuations and the need to identify problems and opportunities quickly.

  • The need for a comprehensive view of both organic and paid UA activities.

  • Having no extensive competitor analysis tool that is easy to navigate and read.

  • Sharing insights and analysis with team members or stakeholders in a readable and accessible format.

If you have any questions on how to include Compass in your strategy, don’t hesitate to contact either your Customer Success Manager or leave us a message on Intercom.

Happy optimizing!

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