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AdCreative Studio - Voice Over
AdCreative Studio - Voice Over
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AdCreative Studio

Voice Over

Voice Over is the first tool from our AdCreative Studio product for creating ad captions and voiceovers in 18 different languages and several different accents and dialects. Whether you upload your own videos or choose from our ad library, our platform will utilize AI to generate a captivating ad script that aligns with the app's brand message.

1 - Upload A Video

You can generate a script and voiceover for an ad in two ways: upload your own video to the Voice Over section of the AdCreative Studio tab, or choose one from our ad creative library. We support all aspect ratios, including landscape and portrait. Please make sure that the selected video does not already have existing captions.

To upload a video from the Voice Over tab, you can either drag and drop it into the designated area or click the "Upload" button. Keep in mind that the ideal length for a video ad is 15-30 seconds, but this may vary depending on where you publish it. You can only upload videos up to 500MB in size and in .mp4 format.

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You can add voice-over and ad script to any video in any Ad Intelligence tab. Simply click on the "Add Voiceover" button to be taken to the video selection step. When you get there, the video you choose will already be uploaded.

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2 - Choose Your App

Once you reach the second step, you can search for your iOS or Android app by name or ID. If you choose a video from the library, it will be pre-selected. Our technology will then use the app's metadata and apply some magic to generate an ad script and create a voiceover that reflects the app's brand message, making the ad creation process smooth and efficient.

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3 - Select A Voice-over Language & Style

Our platform supports a variety of languages, accents, and tonalities. The language you select here will be used for the voiceover and the ad script. You can preview the sample audio instantly and filter voices by language, dialect, gender, or keyword. You can also download the sample voiceover for easy sharing and feedback from your teammates. Additionally, you can mute the background audio of the video and let the voice-over speak alone.

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4 - Generate and Preview the Voice-Over Script

After choosing a voice that suits your app's brand identity, you will proceed to the fourth step, where our platform will generate a captivating ad script based on your app's metadata and any prompts you provide. Once you click "Generate," you will see the caption that is created. You can use it, regenerate it for a new caption, or help the AI by providing your own prompts to create a more tailored script.

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You can also write your script from scratch or paste the one you already have. Our platform will help you ensure that your text length is in sync with the duration of your video. If your text is too long or too short, we will suggest how many words you should add or remove. You can uncheck the "Show voice-over script on the video" option only to use the voiceover, not the caption. Finally, you can edit the text, customize the font and color, and create your video.

5 - Preview & Download the Video

Before you download your video, you can take a final look to make sure you're happy with it. You can preview your video and go back to make any edits if needed. Once you're satisfied, you can select the video quality and download it to use in your video ad.

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