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Observe and compare a detailed breakdown of category and overall rankings for every country here.

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We offer a detailed breakdown of category and overall rankings, for up to 5 apps side-by-side and see the category and overall rankings of apps for every country here for +3 years with this feature. See what category ranking is here.

Daily Rankings History feature enables you to review your and your competitors' apps by breaking down into categories, countries and pricing plans (free, paid or grossing) for Apple App Store and Google Play Store within a desired timeframe. You can compare up to 5 apps side-by-side and observe their rankings with a filtering option of daily and hourly breakdown (hourly breakdown is a feature available only on App Store).

Daily Country Ranking feature provides a full list of the overall and category based ranking within defined tiers on a specific date for the app you're tracking as well as the country based shifts with how many rankings they have moved up or down.

Moreover, you can create a custom alert from the top right corner of the dashboard and get notified when the app you are tracking has a shift in its ranking for the country you have selected.

How often is the data updated?

For App Store primary countries (top 20), the data is updated 8 times a day. For other countries in App Store and all countries in Play Store, we update the data once a day.

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