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The introduction of ad variations using Custom Product Pages was one of the most significant developments for ASA marketers. By creating different combinations of their App Store listing through the use of visual assets and messaging, app marketers are now able to create a more relevant and consistent UA funnel for their potential users.

In our Custom Product Pages section, once you will integrate your App Store Connect Account, you will be able to analyze your CPPs performance in graphs. In the table, you will see the Product Page Views, Total Downloads and Conversion Rate for each CPP.

If you will click on the box next to CPP, you will be able to see the Page View, Impression, Download, Revenue, In-app purchase, Paying User and conversion rate in the right graphs. This will help you to see & compare each CPP's performance.

If you want to see the preview of your CPP, just click on the name of the related CPP!

Also, you can select the country & change the date range to see the historic data.

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