Campaign Analysis

We provide an overall picture of your app’s ad creative efforts here.

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The very first page you see when you click on the Ad Intelligence tool on the left hand side of the dashboard. Here, you can view an app’s paid user acquisition efforts, its brief performance in terms of creatives, impressions and the media types it uses and whether the app is an Advertiser (Ad), a Ad Publisher (P) or both (top right corner). Shortly, we analyze your competitor’s strategy. See the article on Ad Intelligence for more details.

You can see a breakdown of the ad networks your competitors use, the countries they are targeting, the countries in which the ad creatives appear. The data here is historical so you can go back to any date and compare the performance within a period of time. You can review the best fitting ad networks that bring downloads and impressions and find out about the most popular ad creatives of your competitors. Moreover, we provide a full breakdown for all of the media formats available, not only as image, video or interactive ads.

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