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Leveraging Google App Campaigns Intelligence
Leveraging Google App Campaigns Intelligence

MobileAction’s Google App Campaigns Intelligence helps you navigate the paid campaigns landscape of Google Play search results campaigns.

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Effective advertising plays a crucial role in mobile user acquisition. However, optimizing your advertising strategy can be challenging without insights into the strategies employed by top advertisers and industry competitors. Thankfully, there’s MobileAction’s Google App Campaigns Intelligence to help you navigate the paid campaigns landscape of Google Play search results campaigns.

What is Google App Campaigns Intelligence?

Google App Campaigns Intelligence allows for easier tracking of critical metrics such as impression shares and organic keyword rankings, all while providing the ability to compare your overall performance with your competitors. It enables you to fine-tune your campaign strategy and gain data-driven insights on the Google Play Store.

Let’s dive deeper into Google App Campaigns Intelligence and discover how it expands your abilities.

Getting Started

To start utilizing this feature, you first need to select the app you want to dissect on Google Play by clicking on the app icon in the left-hand menu. Don’t forget to switch the store to Google Play by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the app.

If you already have an app selected, you’ll see that the feature enables app marketers to explore Google campaign performance more with four capabilities:

  • Search by App: Allows you to search for any app to understand its Google Play search result paid keyword strategy. You can filter per storefront and see how the selected app performed in the last 7 days.

  • Search by Keyword: The tool lets you search for any keyword to learn how many apps rank for the keyword, the keyword's search score, and which apps generate the most paid impressions for that Google Play search result. Just like when you search for an app, you can check results per storefront in the last 7 days.

  • Search by Competitor: It helps compare your paid keywords to your competitors’ on a single page to uncover new keyword opportunities. You can see each app's store and app campaign visibility scores and the number of active countries. Additionally, you can find the mutual and unique keywords targeted by the compared apps.

  • Top Advertisers: Let you see which apps are gaining the most visibility from their Google Play search result ads. By clicking on the apps listed, you will be redirected to the “Search by App” page, where you can analyze the app further and learn more about its strategy.

How to Use Google App Campaigns Intelligence

Here's how Google App Campaigns Intelligence can provide insights and uncover keywords driving traffic to your apps:

  1. Competitor Insights: It offers practical insights to empower your app marketing strategy. By analyzing your competitors' paid keyword strategies and impression shares, you can make informed decisions and fine-tune your strategy for better results.

  2. Reveal Hidden Data: Uncovers data in terms of keyword performances and helps you utilize competitor data to maintain a competitive edge in the app market. You can stay ahead of the competition by identifying keywords that drive traffic and downloads.

  3. Optimize Metadata: Gain insights into keyword shifts, enabling metadata optimization to boost paid visibility for keywords linked with your app. This optimization can significantly improve your app's discoverability and drive both organic and paid traffic.

  4. Global Opportunities: Find out opportunities while entering new storefronts, especially for the apps that aim for a global reach. Expanding to new markets can be challenging, but with data, you can make informed decisions about where to launch and how to compete.

  5. Stay on Top of Trends: Keep track of trends and have the chance to benefit from the hype in the dynamic app marketing landscape. App marketing trends evolve rapidly, and with Google App Campaigns Intelligence, you can adapt your strategy to capitalize on these trends.

In a nutshell, Google App Campaigns Intelligence is a powerful tool for app marketers. Leveraging its capabilities can lead to more informed decisions, optimized campaigns, and better results in the competitive mobile app landscape.

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