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Identify the unique and mutual paid keywords of your app and your competitor

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Search by Competitor allows you to uncover the paid keywords that both you and your competitors have in common.

By comparing impression share, rank, and the total number of ranking apps, you can fine-tune your own app campaign strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Utilize this page to gain comprehensive insights and make informed decisions for the success of your app in the app marketplace.

Explore Mutual Paid Keywords

Start by selecting a competitor, this will help you identify the mutual paid keywords shared between your app and the selected competitor. This insight is invaluable as it reveals areas of overlap in keyword targeting and allows you to compare your performance against your competition.

Unique Paid Keywords for Your App

In addition to mutual keywords, this feature presents a list of the paid keywords that are unique to your app. These exclusive keywords showcase your app's specific strengths and focus areas. Understanding your app's unique targeting allows you to optimize your App Campaigns based on its distinct value proposition and target audience.

Unique Paid Keywords for the Competitor

Similarly, the feature provides insights into the paid keywords that are exclusive to the selected competitor's app. Analyzing their unique targeting reveals their strategic priorities and potential areas they may be capitalizing on. Understanding their unique keywords helps you adapt your own strategy to effectively compete in the market.

Impression Share and Rank Comparison

For each app you have selected, you can compare the impression share and rank of the paid keywords. This comparison offers crucial insights into how both you and your competitor are faring in terms of visibility and performance for these shared keywords.

Total Number of Ranking Apps

The tool also provides information on the total number of apps that are organically ranking for each particular keyword. This data gives you a sense of the competitiveness of the keyword and how many apps are vying for visibility.

Track Keywords

You have the option to track these shared keywords by adding them to your list. This way, you can monitor their performance over time and adjust your app campaign strategy accordingly.

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