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View the top advertisers within different countries and categories

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Top Advertisers offers you valuable insights into the most prominent players in Google App Campaigns.

List of Apps with High App Campaigns Visibility Scores

On the Top Advertisers page, you will find a comprehensive list of apps that boast the highest App Campaigns visibility scores. These apps have demonstrated exceptional performance in their App Campaigns, making them dominant players in the app marketplace.

Filter by Country and App Categories

To narrow down your search, you have the option to apply filters based on specific countries. This allows you to see which apps are leading in each region and gain localized insights. Additionally, you can observe the top apps' categories, giving you a clear understanding of the industries where these advertisers excel.

Explore Overall Rankings

Along with their high visibility scores, you can also access information about the overall rankings of the top advertisers. This gives you a holistic view of their performance and competitiveness in the app market.

Deep Dive into App Insights

By clicking on any app listed, you will be directed to the Search by App feature under App Campaigns Intelligence. This enables you to explore more detailed information about that specific app, such as its targeted keywords, impression shares, and total paid keywords. With this additional data, you can further analyze their app campaign strategy and gain valuable competitive intelligence.

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