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Discover and analyze your competitors and their performance on a selected keyword

Written by Seda Gonenc
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The Search by Keyword page in our App Campaigns Intelligence tool is a powerful feature that offers valuable insights into app campaigns targeting specific keywords.

Full List of Apps Running App Campaigns

This feature presents a comprehensive list of apps that are actively running App Campaigns on a specific keyword. You can easily identify which apps are targeting the keyword and competing for visibility in the app marketplace.

Impression Share and Organic Ranking

For each app listed, you can view its impression share, which indicates how often the app's ads from the App Campaigns are being displayed for the chosen keyword. Additionally, you can see the organic ranking of the app for that keyword, providing insights into its organic visibility in search results.

App Campaigns Visibility Score and Total Paid Keywords

Our tool provides the App Campaigns visibility score for each app, which assesses how effectively they are utilizing paid efforts through App Campaigns to boost visibility for the keyword. Moreover, you can also find information on the total number of paid keywords an app is targeting, giving you an idea of the scope of their app campaign strategies.

Deep Dive into App Insights

For a more detailed analysis of a particular app's campaign strategy, you can simply click on any app listed, and it will lead you to the "Search by App" page. There, you'll have access to an in-depth view of the app's keywords, impression shares, countries of activity, and much more.

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