Product Updates

May 28

Updated:  Improved API...Now more detailed API is ready for our users!

May 24

New:  Detailed ASO Report! You can now reach the full keyword list under ASO Report. Filtering among Top 1, Top 5, ... , Top 250 is available as well. This is part of our Enterprise plans. Contact us for more details!

May 22

New:  ASO Premium! Now we have a brand new tier, including the best features for ASO analysis: ASO intelligence with 500 keywords, ASO report, App update timeline, Keyword Intelligence, Localization, Review Analysis.

May 15
New:  Localization!  It gives you an overview of which ASO elements of an app have been localized and how well the app is doing in each country. This can help you uncover effective localization strategies, as well as help you decide where to localize your app for next.

March 13

New:  App Update Timeline! Are your updates working? See the history of your updates, what has changed between old and new versions. Track your competitors and how they are handling their updates.

January 10

Update:  Navigation Menu! Our navigation menu on the left is now updated and has become more user-friendly.  

December 22

Update:  Keyword Tracking Page! Keyword Suggestion and Related Keyword columns are added! You can find the suggestions and related keywords much more quickly now.

December 20

New:  ASO Report. Here is a summary of how many keywords are in top 1, top 5, top 10 ranking. Also, you can see a list of historical ranking range.

November 29

New: Trial for Keyword and Market intelligence! Now you have a chance to check out these two amazing tools up to any 10 apps in the market!

November 24

Update:  Games subcategories added! Now you can find the subcategories of games on category rankings, top chart and have much more detailed analysis!

November 3

Update:  Market Intelligence. Now, Usage intelligence and Market intelligence are combined! Reach the usage data of any app you want under one product!

October 24

New: Pricing! Now we have different plans for both Enterprise and Startup. New ASO and Market Intelligence Enterprise options! For startups, it is much easier to create the plan they want step by step. Check out the new pricing page!

October 19

Update:  Apple & Play Store categories. Stickers are added to iOS categories, now you can find new sticker apps! New categories are available in Google Play: Maps and navigation, Android wear, Art and design, Auto and vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, House and home, Parenting, Video players!

October 13

New:  Mobile Action Academy. It is where we provide all of our best app marketing tutorials, links to the best resources on the internet, our certification programs and more.  Click here to sign up for free.

October 5

Update: Search Score. Mobile Action now shows you the exact Keyword Search Popularity as provided by the Apple!

September 28

Update: Public site & dashboard. Now you can reach tutorial videos directly from learn button! 

September 5

New:   Usage Intelligence. Now Audience intelligence has a new name: Usage Intelligence! DAU (daily active users) and MAU (monthly active users) numbers are added. Check how much your users are engaged with your app, search any app you want and keep up with your competitors!

April 26

New:  Keyword Intelligence. See the keywords your or competitor's app is ranking for in the App Store and how many of your organic downloads are coming from each of them. 

March 28

New:  Leaderboard. Check out the new and improved Leaderboard – see the app stores’ Top ChartsNew AppsBiggest Mover, and Biggest Loser.

March 15

New:  Audience intelligence. Now you can sort your app's audience by gender, education, location, age, income, and more to help you zero in on the right demographic for you. In a word - awesome.

March 14

Update: Recommended Actions. Recommended Actions feature takes your app’s data and analyzes it to show you what the next best steps for your unique app are.

Feb 26

Update: New Plans. We refined our pricing plans to give you more details about what we're offering and where you should be directing your focus: ASO or Market Intelligence?

Feb 19

New: Audience Geography. Scroll down in your Dashboard and you will see a new chart called Audience Geography, which helpfully lets you see where your audience is located internationally.

Feb 10

New: Google Analytics Integration. Now you can integrate your Google Analytics account to get unique recommended actions.

Jan 29

Update: New Menu. We have recently revamped the UI of our Main Menu on the left so you can easily navigate to the features you use the most.

Jan 29

New: Setup Guide. All signed up but don't know what to do next? Complete these 5 steps to understand the finer points of the Mobile Action dashboard, upgrade your app’s performance, and keep an eye on your competitors.

Jan 29

New: Publisher Page. Get deeper insights into every iOS app publisher with our new Publisher Page. Quickly see how many apps they have and which is doing the best in the App Store, all for free!

Jan 20

New: Invoices in Settings. No more difficulties getting an invoice. Just go to the Payments tab and download your invoices automatically.

Jan 19

New: Top Charts. We just launched Top Charts with Download & Revenue Estimations! You can check it out for both iOS and Android, for all Categories, in 100+ countries.

Jan 14

New: Keyword Density tool. We've added a Keyword Density tool that shows how many times a keyword was repeated in the reviews. Just click on a keyword and see all the reviews which use that keyword.

Jan 14

Update: Up/down arrows for keyword rankings. We brought up/down arrows for the keyword rankings so that you can analyze your keywords at a glance.

Jan 13

Update: Country dropdown with keyword numbers. You asked, we listened! We've added the number of keywords you're tracking right next to countries so that you can easily navigate between them.

Jan 11

New:Revenue and Download Estimations for Android.  We've just enabled Revenue and Download Estimations for our Android users. Get the most accurate estimations of how much money any Android app makes plus its number of daily downloads - with one click. It's that easy.

Jan 9

Update:Historical data for Download and Revenue Estimations. Historical data for Download and Revenue Estimations are now available for Hobby, Pro, Premium and Custom packages.

Jan 8

New: Keyword Suggestion tool. We launched our brand new Keyword Suggestion tool to check your competitor's keywords, get keyword suggestions, and analyze trends.

Jan 6

Update: Recommended Actions are back! Boost your app’s Visibility Score from average to A+ by following our Recommended Actions, which are customized specifically for you. They focus on improvement in the 4 key categories: ASO, Analytics, User Acquisition, and Engagement.

Jan 6

New: iOS Revenue Estimations. We introduced a new, massively useful tool, Revenue Estimations this week. Analyze how successfully your competition is monetizing in specific countries, research your competitors to determine your budget for user acquisition, and more.

Dec 21

New: New year, new Mobile Action! Our team has been hard at work on a new, more dynamic, and personalized dashboard! Get more insights on any app in the market without having to add them. Compare your app's visibility score, rankings, and keywords on the same graph. Add an app and select the countries you want in the dropdown menu with one click.

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